Online Dating Dangers

Online dating might seem like such a great idea when you have exhausted all other options. Online dating dangers do exist and these will be explained in a few moments. Most of the online dating dangers are not really that scary but every one in a while, something does happen. Not everyone knows how to protect themselves or they blindly give out information without realizing what the consequences are.

Be aware of the following online dating dangers:

As with most of our online activities, there are always a few illegitimate users mixed in with the legitimate ones. Some of them include con artists or scammers that want nothing more than your money.

Watch out for the following warning signs:

  1. The person is only available at certain times: If the person you’re chatting to cannot take any time to meet you or make some time in their schedule then you must know something is going on. They are always busy, working, away or dealing with “issues” that takes up all of their time. Even if he or she is just a workaholic, that means you will never have time together.
  2. Their profile contains limited or conflicting information: If you cannot get any information out of the person, you might be in for a shock. Any individual who hides his or her full names, telephone number or other information, might be playing some sort of game with you.
  3. Seems to good to be true: If a person seems too perfect then they usually are. You might think he or she is the match for you but remember, that the person could be putting up an act in order to get something out of you.
  4. If you are constantly in conversations regarding money: Any individual who talks a lot about money or ideas on how to make more money, is a potential red flag. You could easily be asked for a few bucks or be offered some unbelievable investment that is just a scam.
  5. The person is too pushy: It might be romantic to be swept off your feet in a whirlwind romance but it poses a huge threat to you and even your finances sometimes. You have to take notes of those who claim strong feelings for you in a short while or trying to get you to communicate via email or telephone.

These five points are merely the most well-know and important online dating dangers for any user out there.