Going on a first date searching for relationships

Dating to find a longer term relationship with someone is a lot more work than just dating for a hookup. It is more than just physical attraction, yes, physical attraction may be important but it is much more than just that. Because it is more than just the physical it may take multiple dates for you to make any real progress.

On your first date you will already know if there is chemistry or at least the potential of chemistry between you (from your side at least). On the first date you should also find out if they also feel that there is a vibe and if there is going to be a second date.

You can also prepare for your dates by making a dating plan  suited to the person you have decided to go on a date with

There are three things that you and the other person should figure out

1. Physical attraction, Vibe/Vibing:

Do you and the other person vibe?

– (It is a yes or a no – and you will know the answer for yourself

– finding out what the other person thinks should not take longer than the first or second date)

2. Availability:

Are you and the other person both available and ready for a relationship?

– (It is a yes or a no for yourself

– Finding out about the other person can take two or more dates)

3. Sustainability:

Do you and the other person have similar beliefs, morals and other core values?

(Can you be best friends?

– This also is a yes or no thing but this can take four or more dates to establish)


With yourself honesty is the best policy but be careful not to reveal too much about yourself to others until they have proven that they are deserving of your trust.

Always know and understand that feelings can change, something trivial can trigger a reaction and change how you feel or how the other person feels and anything can happen at any time.

Most importantly always have fun, be real and be safe!