Teenage dating life

If there is at least one thing that I have learned, it’s that teenagers have a difficult life. They have all the school responsibilities, wanting to fit in, and don’t get me started with their hormones.

In my opinion, don’t feel judged if you want to have a teenage romance and be those high school sweethearts everyone always dreams about, but don’t feel ashamed if you just want to be free. You shouldn’t feel pressured to do anything sexual just because everyone else is doing it. If you are unsure about how a relationship must be as a teenager, here are some tips :

  • Communication is essential in all dating. Don’t make assumptions and avoid gossip.
  • Make it clear whether your relationships are exclusive or casual.
  • If you get turned down or rejected, don’t waste time on it – move on.
  • Before asking anyone new out, get to know them a little first.