Flirty Banter

Flirty banter is not boring, heavy or deep. It is light-hearted, funny, entertaining and engaging. When thinking about flirty banter, think about funny, happy and having FUN!

The main use and goal of flirty banter is to have fun. At the same time it also reveals things about you and you also learn about the other person. Reactions to whatever you say gives you instant feedback about the VIBE and the level of the VIBE, this helps you to make your own decisions. Flirty banter is a form of information gathering as much as it is the giving of information and joy!

Pick up lines could also be flirty, some are overused. Common examples are “is it hot in here? or is it only you”

Reaction to something flirty, like a smile, laughter or a quick comeback gives you instant feedback about the other person. As a bonus, you also get a direction for your next bit of banter. For a great positive vibe type feedback (if you are quite keen yourself), then the path is open to level up to step into the vibe. For lukewarm or more negative type responses, you either have to step up your game or think about stepping out.

When thinking about flirty banter always think about fun. Think about easy, light and generic.

Four top tips for getting your flirty banter on

Look at the other person. Which physical characteristic immediately stands out to you? For example if it is a nose: You could say something simple and easy like: “Wow, you have such a nice nose” (or any version of that). Complimenting the other person is always a safe bet, more so if the compliment it is also actually the truth. If you are in an online chat and you do not even know if you are being cat fished, you could react to the other persons name and compliment that. There is always an easy and true compliment to give.

Prepare in advance: Being flirty and building on the vibe may always hit a dead spot, so have a few backup banters saved up in advance! (You can make flirty banter part of your dating plan?)

Confidence: Confidence is always picked up on and has a multiplier effect on effective banter

Be yourself, be happy and do you!