Red Flag

a Red Flag, when dating or on a date, means anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy.

When a red flag is triggered you may simply become aware that something is not right, unacceptable, feels off or needs to be checked with the other person.

There are many different types of red flags. Usually serious red flags can mean that the date is over and not so serious red flags may mean that you are just on alert to confirm something.

a Red Flag may also end up not being a red flag at all after being checked. An example would be: (It is important for you to have children, but you just heard the other person saying that they do not want any children) Question: Did you just say that you never want any children? Answer: No, I do not want any children right now, in a year or two it would be amazing.

There are millions of types and examples of red flags ranging from feelings, to physical stuff, like a tan mark on a ring finger.

Sometimes a red flag simply places you on alert or brings up your walls. Other times you may count the red flags to get to an unacceptable number of red flags before you terminate the date.

You should always act on your own red flags, do not get into a habit of ignoring your red flags.

Be honest with yourself, with what you are feeling, always remember that red flags are about you, your needs and what matters and is important to yourself.

You can tell the other person about your red flags, or you can just keep it to yourself, depending on the type and seriousness of the red flag and how you feel.