Best Online dating sites

According to the statistics, there are three high ranking online dating sites in the United States. These can be seen as the best online dating sites due to the number of users, success rate and it’s trustworthiness. The trustworthiness of an online dating site is determined by the number of scams, phishing and other threats are that present.

We dug up some information on the top three dating sites and we set out to discover the truth.

Meetup is a global social network specifically designed for groups. It allows you connect with people who share your interests and live near you.  You can choose from a wide variety of group categories that include just about everything from Automotive to Politics & Activism. Each group also has dozens of sub–categories. This makes it easier to find just the right group. An example would be the hobbies group that has travel as a sub-category.

Once you’ve chosen a group, you can narrow your search by sub–categories or keyword.

There are no membership fees except if you are a group organizer. Group organizers are required to pay a fee on behalf of their group. Some group organizer cannot cover the costs on their own, and so charge a membership fee to help fund their meetups.

There are no annoying ads or pop-ups on this site. has changed its pricing plan to:


Starts at US$2.99/month


Starts at US$4.99/month

  • 50 members
  • 4 organizers
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited organizers


Each plan has a 30–day money back guarantee

After viewing some profiles, we only found one questionable photo. Strangely, it’s nothing worse than you can see on the TV. The minimum age to join Meetup is 18. They are very strict about their security and members. was started in 1995. The site has been around for quite a while and there have been numerous success stories.

Before we went to the site, we dug up a few reviews. According to some of the review sites, is a good way to find singles. Then there are the other sites, where users have posted horrible reviews aimed at the company’s customer service and accounts department.  Some of these bad reviews claim there are a lot of fake users, fake advertisements and scams.

After thorough examination of these user reviews, we did some digging of our own.

The main problem on this site, is the customer complains. It actually takes a while before an inquiry is dealt with. There are a few fake profiles but it’s nothing too serious. It’s still good enough to meet a few interesting people without getting scammed out of your life’s savings. Any complains about other users are not dealt with. There are also complaints of hidden information until you actually pay for a membership. Members who had a Mac or similar device, could not access the the service. All in all, it was a pleasant experience. It’s pretty decent, with a nice layout and loads of members. Just don’t expect your searches to be so accurate.

OkCupid remains one of the more popular dating sites for younger generations because you can get the full online dating experience for free. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean OkCupid skimps on features, and they’re even pushing online dating to another level by offering an app that sets you up on a blind date. It works like a well-oiled machine.

Regular Membership: Free

A-List Membership: $4.95 – One Month Membership

$3.95/Month – Three Month Membership

$2.95/Month – Six Month Membership

There are a few abandoned and fake profiles on the site but there still are active members. Make no mistake that this site has been given a fairly good review by other magazines and review sites as well. If you focus on its features instead of its flaws, you will be pleasantly surprised.