When you meet a new potential partner online or i person, safety precautions are, understandably, not the first ting on your mind. We’re not here to give you a huge lecture, but we are going to remind you that putting too much out there can put you at risk – especially when it comes to… Read More

Probably because people feel there wasn’t enough cybercrime in the world – the ever-inventive criminals using computers to separate people from their money seem to have developed a brand new heinous tactics: creating fake profiles on online dating sites to rob people and leave them with a broken heart. Taking a fake photo and creating… Read More

Online Dating Safety Tips

You can take a number of steps to protect yourself when you pursue love online. Experts offer these tips: Stick with reputable sites. Read reviews and check with friends. Thoroughly check out a site before posting a profile. It’s a good idea to read the security tips that some sites offer. Protect your personal information. Identity thieves… Read More