How Do You Know If Someone Is Cheating

Do you ever get that gut feeling that something is off with your significant other? Like they’ve started becoming more distant or their behavior starts to change. Maybe you just feel that they are acting strange?

Here are some clues to indicate if your significant other may be cheating on you with someone else.

Their phone suddenly becomes “Off-Limits”

Your phone and computer should be fairly private things. But when you’re dating someone, it’s inevitable that they’ll have to use your devices at some point. So if your partner starts to guard their devices in a territorial way, you might have reason to be suspicious.

They seem nervous around you

Are they more than a little jumpy around you lately? While there may be other factors in their lives that are stressing them out, if your partner seems nervous just around you specifically, it’s worth bringing it up to them to see if there is anything that they need to get off of their chest.

If they are going on unexpected or unexplained trips

Our partners can travel for a million different reasons and it should not be cause for concern. But if your homebody partner is now racking up tons of frequent flier miles, you may want to find out why. This can also apply to you: If your partner is suddenly encouraging you to get out of the house (or even the country), they may be making time to cheat.

They’re not into compromise

Cheaters may tend to pick fights or not take your feelings into account, according to relationship experts. If you feel like your partner is suddenly becoming more stubborn or not listening to you, it may be a sign that they’re cheating.

If you feel like any of these is happening to you, trust your gut and go confront them. It’s better to get things out than wasting your precious time and love on somebody who takes you for granted.