Ten most important things when dating for hookups

1. Be safe

Online and In Real Life safety is a very wide and ranging subject. Both are very important though and one should not be promoted over the other as they go hand in hand.

There is an entire section with posts just about  Dating Safety and Security  and we keep adding new content to it regularly!

2. Geography and location

Hooking up IRL means that the practical issue of actual physical location becomes somewhat important. Of course if you are only going to hookup virtually, then location does not matter at all, good Internet connectivity does!

3. Avoid controversial conversation topics

The usual three suspects are Religion, Politics and Money. things like who earns the most money, salary discussions and other controversial things should rather be avoided!

4. Have fresh breath

Knowing that you have fresh breath also boosts your own confidence as much as it is great for your potential hookup date!

5. Smell nice

Smell is not just about your breath! Use your own favorite scent, you know what you like and your chosen smell also tells others who you are.

6. Be clean

Your clothes and the clothes under your clothes should be clean and fresh. If you wear socks and shoes, check that they are clean!

7. Prepare and strategize your flirty banter

Always update your list of flirty banter! No matter if you are Gen X, Millennial, Boomer or anything in between! – Checkout our Flirty Banter Section for ideas, topics and latest trends!

8. Have good personal hygiene

Nothing stuck in your teeth? Body all washed? Nails sorted? Hair the way you want it?

9. Timing matters

Hookup dating means that opportunities needs to be timed and this needs to be handled in chat as part of the dating plan

10. Be direct, honest and respectful (specially of consent)

Are you sure that everyone is on the same page? Double and triple checked?