Create an online dating profile and stay safe

Many of us may think that we know how to create an online dating profile. Some of us may even get a little carried away and reveal more information than they wanted. An online dating profile should be honest, interesting and inviting. These points are important but you should take care not to allow anyone to view private information.

How to create an online dating profile:

Choose an appropriate username.

Sure, everyone wants a unique and eye-catching username. Give some thought as to the type of person’s eye you will be catching with the name that you are thinking about. A username that is a bit flirtatious might attract the attention of people looking for short term relationships, friends with benefits or even just a few drinks. So, it is very useful to choose a username that also reflects your true intentions.

Bottom line: Please exercise care when you are deciding your username, be aware of the type of message you want to send. Remember that if a username is sending out the wrong message, you may have the wrong people contacting you. You should not use any personal information in a username.

If your desired username is taken, use a mix of special characters and symbols. You can replace some letters with numbers or symbols. Make sure you take something that still resembles the original.

Set up a good password.

Create an online dating profile with good password. This is absolutely necessary for all of your accounts. Whether it is online dating, a webmaster or gaming account. Nobody should be able to crack your password easily. Keep your password complex with lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters. Do not use a name, dictionary, book, movie or any form of media for your password. Change your password regularly to avoid it being cracked.

Protect your identity.

The importance of protecting your account cannot be stressed enough. A compromised account will not only put you at risk but anyone else who might interact with you. Scammers may gain access to your online dating account and if you use the same password, to your Facebook, Twitter and other accounts. Scammers usually take advantage of these accounts by pretending to be the owner. They pretend that you are in some kind of emergency and then requests funds. These kind of problems are not limited to online dating sites. Your email or any other account can be cracked and then abused.

Never share personal information.

Your online dating profile is designed for you to attract a potential partner. This doesn’t mean you need to share personal information. Most online dating services will deny you to send a message or post something if you include even a phone number or an email address. Remember that any information you post online, can be viewed and even used against you. Think about everything you write down and double-check it.

Giving away too much information.

After you create an online dating profile, ask a friend to review it for you. Not only will that help you to improve your online dating profile but it will also help you to find and expose nasty mistakes.