Online Dating Etiquette

As with any form of dating or socializing, online dating etiquette is very important. Nowadays, the standard of honesty has dropped significantly. This is not all of the problems we face onlne. Due to these “faceless”  communication methods, we struggle in reality. We only use personal communication when we have to. It does not mean you can get in and do what you want. The following list of online dating etiquette rules might help you to improve the value of your communication and your online dating experience.

General online dating etiquette rules.

  1. Remember your manners.
  2. Do not use profanity.
  3. Take online dating seriously, instead of a game.
  4. Only use an online dating service if you are really serious about it.
  5. State you intentions clearly and honestly.

Email address and username.

  1. Create a separate email address for your online dating activities.
  2. Create an online dating username,

Creating your profile.

  1. Be completely honest in your profile.
  2. Do not use any false information.
  3. Make sure you complete your profile with honest and correct information.
  4. Post recent photos.
  5. Avoid incorrect spelling or grammar.

Receiving replies.

  1.  Do not take rejection badly.
  2. Just ignore  a response if it is from someone outside of your preferences.
  3. Reply to really decent responses.
  4. Always be polite and kind even if the answer is no.
  5. Always reply as soon as you possibly can.
  6. Personalize your replies.

Socializing online.

  1. Always start with a friendly greeting.
  2. End with a friendly goodbye.
  3. If it is a part of your personality, us a bit of gentle humor.
  4. Make sure you use punctuation and any emoticons you can.
  5. Keep your messages short, relevant, calm and interesting.
  6. Allow the communication to keep flowing.
  7. Do not get personal.
  8. Do not mess around with anyone’s emotions.
  9. Do not be too hasty to form a friendship.
  10. Do not demand anything.
  11. Do not push for a phone number or address.
  12. Talk on the phone for a few times.
  13. Meet when both of you feel the time is right.
  14. Do not be irresolute.
  15. Decide on a time and public place for a meeting.
  16. Agree to keep your meeting short.
  17. Arrive and depart separately.
  18. Do not commit to anything before you meet in person.

Your first meeting.

Please read our First Online Date article. All of these online dating etiquette rules will have an effect on your first online date.

After the date.

  1. Make contact again within a couple of days to thank the person for meeting you.
  2. If there is no chemistry, admit it but do not take any offense.
  3. Do not be rude to the other person.

By following the above online dating etiquette, you might increase your chances of success.