Online Dating Usernames Examples

All of us probably went through the same problem when you wanted to create online dating usernames. The question that bothers you are probably the following: What difference would it make? How do I make it unique? How can I get people to be interested? Don’t worry about that anymore because here is a small guide on creating online dating usernames.

Some basic points before you start.

Now before you start delving into all the possible online dating usernames, you need to think a little bit.

A great username is unique name that identifies you from all the other online dating users out there. Your username needs to be funny, easy to remember and interesting. Now these points may seem a bit stupid but it’s extremely competitive out there. Millions of users sign up for these services and you need every advantage you can get in order to be successful. Remember that your username must still reflect a little bit about you and what type of person you are.

You may also use a lot of abstract terms and descriptive words to form

General online dating usernames:

Most of the online dating profiles out there are badly written with a bad username. Most of these are just a plain old name with a few numbers. For example: John429818. This is an extremely bad username.

You also get users that use a descriptive word in their username such ShortTom or FatJack. These are also very boring usernames.

Even usernames such as: sexygirlwaiting and honestguy21. These are just everywhere. You don’t just get these on the new sites and applications, they are on the older versions as well. People ignore and avoid them easily because they are too common. Think of it as a society. People want to want to be unique and their usernames must reflect that desire.

There are millions of these profiles around the world. While they do get a lot of chats, people lose interest fast. The main problem is that these are just too unimaginative and boring. Think of it as taking your loved one to a library on a date. It would be boring to say the least. There is nothing unique, memorable or distinguishing about it.

Examples of better online dating usernames.

Now you have reached a point where you can find some advice on how to create a good online dating username. There might be a few dozen opinions out there but take a look and decide for yourself.

A username should be wordplay or a pun. It is as simple as that.  Something that sounds familiar but with a twist or something you like to do. Your username can include on of your hobbies or past times.

  1. LovingJedi: A loving Star Wars fan.
  2. FunnyBookworm: A funny person who likes reading books
  3. Lives2Work: A workaholic that is focused on his or her career

These are just a few examples but you can create your own. Do not create vulgar or offensive online dating usernames, as you might get deleted from the service or thousands of users will voice their concerns.