First Online Date: your online guide to success

Someone has probably been on their first online date already. You get into contact with a person and then you have to meet him or her. What if things go wrong? What if this person doesn’t like you? You first online date is always the hardest thing to do. A face to face encounter is a whole different story than simply exchanging emails or text messages. These steps may help you to make your first date a success.

First online date:

  • Think about your personal safety:
    Do not trust this person, even if you have been chattingĀ  for months. Get your own transportation. You would be a lot safer than to get in a car with them. Have a friend know where you are.
  • Be yourself at all times:
    Just answer things truthfully and be who you are. There is no need to pretend to get someone to like you. If they do truly have feelings for you, you would be accepted for who you are. Your first online date will shape the perception your date has of you.
  • Do something fun and exciting:
    Attraction is not just determined by looking your best. You need to have fun together. Do something you have always wanted to or what you enjoy. Your partner will figure out what makes you tick.
  • Wear comfortable clothes:
    Do not let your clothes embarrass or irritate you. Just make sure what you wear is comfortable for you. If you like long skirts or jeans, then wear them.
  • Be positive at all times
    Being positive can be very hard sometimes. Do not expect the first date to be love at first sight. The chemistry between two individuals can take a while to build up. One of you might be more attracted at first but the other might take a bit longer. If your partner takes about 3 months before the chemistry is felt, it might be worth it.
  • Reveal information in due time:
    You do not need to disclose every piece of information on the first few dates. People have a lifetime to get to know each other. Take your time to reveal yourself.
  • Watch your alcohol intake:
    This is obvious but people forget. If you and your date is looking for something serious, a few drinks is fine. Just do not overdo it. Alcohol decreases your perception of things. So avoid drinking too much, unless you want to do something stupid.
  • Give your date your undivided attention:
    There is nothing worse than a first online date gone wrong due to your partner. Give each other your full attention. Ignore your phone, unless it is really important. Your social media can wait.
  • Say thank you:
    Saying thank you is good manners but it will also make your date feel appreciated. It may lead to more in the future.