Zoosk.com review

Zoosk.com started out as a Facebook application in 2007 and today, it is one of the largest online dating services in the world. The difference between this service and it’s competitors is that it’s heavily integrated with social networking sites and smart phones. This allow its members to connect seamlessly with others across multiple platforms and there are currently more than 50 million Zoosk members across more than 70 countries.

Zoosk.com might not be the oldest dating site but it became one of the most popular.

Technical details.

The site is available in 25 languages and it has subscribers from around the globe. In the US, it ranks second in average monthly US traffic, only to be beaten by Match.com.

The history of this site is quite interesting as it started out as one of Facebook’s first applications. It came online just weeks after the launch of Facebook itself, on May 24 , 2007. It is now the largest dating application on Facebook, with more than 5 million users a month. The Zoosk Facebook page has more that 12.4 million likes. The current opt in rate is at 70%.

On the mobile battleground, Zoosk.com is the number one dating app in the iOS App store in the US. It is also the most downloaded dating application for Android devices, according to Google Play. About 30% of Zoosk members access their accounts with smartphones.


Behavioral Matchmaking.

Zoosk.com’s advanced matchmaking technology “learns” user preferences as they interact with their potential matches. This algorithm models their behavior and it uses the information to continuously improve its potential matches. The algorithm itself has caused a huge spike in the quality of matches on Zoosk.com

These are the three discovery tools in use by the Behavioral Matchmaking algorithm:

  • Zoosk’s Scientific Matchmaking Service, a daily introduction to a potential match
  • Carousel, a rapid round of profile pictures
  • Search functionality that sorts through millions of profiles

The Behavioral Matchmaking isn’t the only feature that makes the overall experience unique. Zoosk.com is also know for its game-like appearance of the matchmaking services. Members can use Coins ( a virtual currency) to purchase features on the site. It can also be used to buy Gifts, arrange a Special Delivery, receive Delivery Confirmation for email messages or Boost your profile. Zoosk.com user can also play a carousel which is a rapid round of profile pictures to which they answer “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe.” Positive responses will also earn you coins.

New users can join Zoosk.com for free by signing in with their Facebook account or registering for Zoosk with their email address. They are allowed to create a profile, search for singles and send introductory winks for free. In order to use the advanced features and to message other users, you would need a subscription.

A paid subscriber will receive the following benefits:

  1. Full access to send and receive messages.
  2. Finding out who viewed your profile.
  3. Full access to ZSMS feature.


Zoosk.com is a pretty sweet dating site with loads of features and it is well designed. The huge variety of languages makes it able for just about anyone to join the site. The integration into social media and mobile platforms, makes it very versatile.


All members are allowed to reply to an email sent by a premium member.
Zoosk.com can pull information from your Facebook account for easy account creation. There are more than 50 million members from across the globe and theu support25 languages.


  • Basic information only.
  • Limited search options