Overview of OKCupid.com:

OkCupid is a popular choice in the online dating industry. The basic features such as messaging and viewing profile, are free. There are advanced featured that do require you to sign up for an advanced membership but this is explained later on in the review. The search fuction on the site is extremely accurate when you use the additional filters they have provided. There are loads of impressive features and you do not need to pay to even begin using it.

What does the membership include?

Your membership will allow you to access to all the tools, quizzes and matchmaking features. Not a bad deal if you ask me. The sign up process won’t take you less that 30 seconds.

OkCupid.com offers you a “QuickMatch” feature, which is nice name for instant matching. This will run a comparison between your profile and some of the other members. Friends can even “tag” your profile, somewhat like facebook but with recommendations for matches. There are a few more features available but this is the most important if you’d like to find a partner.

Some unique features of OKCupid.com:

OKCupid.com is in fact a bit different than other online dating sites. This is in no small part to their list of unique feature. Here are some:

  1. A complex matchmaking algorithm that lets you answer quizzes and tests on different subjects.
  2. Matchmaking that’s not just based on the dating potential but also on overall compatibility.
  3. Integration with Facebook  which allows users to post their entire profile or the answers of quizzes and tests on their Facebook profiles.
  4. A “stalker” feature that let’s you see who viewed your profile recently. It can also be turned off.
  5. A paid membership will remove any adds from your application or pages when you log in.
  6. A free membership doesn’t give you that many ads so that it becomes a nuisance.
  7. The “FlagMod” feature is only found after you’ve flagged another user’s profile. It allows you to view the photos other users deems a violation of the terms of service. Then you may decide whether it should be removed or not.
  8. Locals will show the closest, local matches based on your geographical area. It also gives you the ability to swipe left if your not interested or right, if you are.

 Membership fees.

There is not associated membership costs because this site is completely free to use. If you’d like access to “Starred” or if you’d like to turn off the “stalker feature” then I’m afraid you’ll have to pay. There are also various other features for premium members. It will costs you:

$4.95 per month and there are also boosts available for $2 a single boost, but it decreases in price as you buy in bulk.

The Verdict.

OKCupid.com deserves a lot of credit. It’s well designed interface, features and overall neatness gives it an edge over other online dating sites. It’s completely free, so you don’t have to worry about paying a cent. The premium membership probably doesn’t make much of a difference because it only removes the ads and adds the A-list feature.