Online dating warning signs

Online dating warning signs are just as important as those in your personal life. If you ignore it or simply do nothing about it, you could be in some form of danger.

Here is a list of online dating warning signs that might help you to identify any potential red flags.

  1. Very little or no information.
    The individual might just be very secretive or they may have a lot to hide. This could mean that there’s a lot of skeletons in the closet or some problems that you don’t need.
  2. No photographs.
    A person could easily have left their photographs out on purpose. The individual could be very pale, shy, ugly or maybe trying to hide his or her identity. Maybe there are a lot of people who knows the user and they are trying to avoid being identified. It would be best to stay clear of these profiles because you never know what you might get yourself in to.
  3. Photos are oddly cropped or taken at weird angles.
    This is a sure-fire way to detect a fake profile or someone with a checkered past. There might have been someone else in the photos if you could see they have been oddly cropped. If you spot any photos that look like they stolen or related to another person, you might have spotted a scammer.
  4. The person uses hateful or vulgar language.
    Anyone who can air their views on something s not a problem but you need to read between the lines. Hateful language, stereotypes, discrimination and racial hatred are some of the main problems you can see. If you spot someone who uses it, they could be mean-spirited, small-minded and possibly have a lot of hate bottled up.
  5. The profile has too much information
    Just the opposite of having no information as the person might be self-centered. It’s probably nice knowing about the person’s religion, favorite books and movies but remember that you need to take it easy. People tend to learn more about each other and times goes by. This keeps your relationship interesting and you always learn new things about each other.
  6. Party animals and drunkards.
    Going out with someone who like a drink every single day is probably a turn-off. for most people. If you discover any online photos of them half naked, drunk or high then you might have the wrong person. The more time you spend with someone, the more likely you are to take on their habits.
  7. Clues that the user is in another relationship.
    Watch out for any clues that might indicate that your date is already involved with someone. If the individual does not declare his or her single status immediately, rather have a step back and examine the situation. You can also ask the person but the chance of getting an honest response is very low.
  8. Their profile is changed and updated too frequently.
    The person could be far too eager to seem worthy to date or the individual could be looking for a lot of approval. Both of these methods are too “high maintenance” on the partner because you would basically need to worship him or her. This might influence your freewill and the way you do things because your partner might be or become a control freak.

Everyone might have different ideas of what online dating warning signs are but there are some of the most important. People tend to overlook these things and go through the trouble of a breakup when they find out which ultimately leads to a few broken hearts. Use these online dating warning signs so that you may avoid it.