Online Dating vs. Offline Dating

There might not be a huge argument over this dilemma because some people prefer online dating and it surely does seem better. So why don’t we compare it to offline dating? Of course we can compare the two but it takes a bit of research. We are not forced to choose which one we think is best. Everyone has a choice but sometimes our choices are hasty and we get hurt in the process. There is no real argument as to whether online dating is better than offline dating. If you do sign up for online dating, it does not mean you have to instantly ignore any opportunity to meet someone offline. If you prefer the idea of doing your dating offline there is nothing to stop you checking out an online dating website and giving it a go. It is quite possible to do both at the same time and it gives you a better chance of finding what you are looking for.

The growing number of online dating websites and their increasing popularity has led to online dating becoming far more common, especially among people who are tech-savvy. There is no doubt that it has changed the process of dating for millions of people around the world and there are some success stories about it.

Science versus nature.

There is various arguments that online dating is more scientific than your traditional dating approach. Sure some people would prefer meeting someone at their own pace and to let their emotions guide them but there is nothing wrong with that. All of us will eventually go through this aspect, whether or not we use online dating. Picking someone you might be interested in from a list of profiles and settings probably will not seem like a romantic way to start a relationship. The natural chemistry you may share with someone you happen to meet by chance and discover that you have plenty in common,  is a wonderful feeling and hard to replicate in online dating. It might be one in a million but some people argue that they have no time for it due to their busy lives.

Online dating also offers you a chance to meet someone but it might not necessarily be what you would expect. The same is true for offline dating because there is no perfect way to meet the right person. When you are browsing through the profiles of other members on an online dating site, you are able to be more selective and in some cases it increases the likelihood of meeting someone with whom you have a lot in common.

Time and money.

As with any service you find,  most online dating services do charge you a membership fee. This would surely put some people off because they think they can do it themselves or they simply do not have the money to spend on something else. Others just pay up without thinking twice and they lose a whole lot of money by never finding that special someone.

Offline dating can also get expensive and this is true if you go out to places, hoping to meet someone by chance. If you go out to a bar in the hope of meeting someone, it will cost you more than your time because you might end up spending most of your money on drinks and trying to wow someone.

Then of course, there are the massive failures of organizing fantastic events, only to realize that you have nothing in common with your date. Your date might end in failure and you will be back to square one.

Most online dating sites are inexpensive to join but there are a few “exclusive” ones where you pay a huge monthly, yearly or once-off fee for services that claim to help you find your perfect match. At the end of the journey, you might found out that your money was well spent or wasted but it depends on your experience. Saving time and money might make you look cheap or insensitive but nobody has unlimited money.

A major advantage to online dating is that you actually exchange emails with someone before you organize a date. It may give you some time to know more about each other and make the first date a success.


This is the primary and most important difference between online and offline dating is the communication method that varies greatly between the two and some people do prefer the traditional face-to-face rather than a video or voice call. It is true that emails and chatrooms are not that personal but they do have their advantages. It is a fact that if you open up to each other, you understand each other more and this leads to trust, friendship and love. The problem is that people generally may not be comfortable opening up to you via email or even over the phone. It will depend on the personality of yourself and your partner.  Some people prefer to open up in a letter, a personal conversation, emails or just having a chat over your phone.

It would be easier to remember which type of communication your partner prefers. As this will lay the foundation to a strong and healthy relationship.