Online Dating Profile Photo Tips

Your online dating profile is what will let you win someone over or not. It all depends on how you use your photos as well. Everyone who looks at your profile will always see your photos first.

What is important when using an online dating profile photo?

The number of photos

The key here is that just because some online dating sites allow for a lof of photos, doesn’t mean you need to use all the space. Three to six pictures are plenty if people want to have a look at you.

Take the best photo you have and place it on your profile. If you have bad photos on your profile, your chances of being contacted might diminish.

What do you put in the pictures?

One mistake you can make, is to post photos where other people are present. The other users want to see you and not your friends. It might even get confusing because they won’t know who you are if you also post photos with other people. You can have others in your photo or perhaps even objects. Do not do it excessively. Also avoid posting photos of your vacations, lifestyle or other things. After all, people want to see you and not what you have.

Take accurate pictures

An accurate picture is one that shows you to your potential dates. If you have pictures of other people and claim to be them, you will only get rejected later on. Just be yourself and post photos of yourself.

Upload interesting photos

If you want to attract someone’s attention, “save the best for last!” If you post a photo of you at work or posing at your car, it is an interesting photo. You might peak someone’s interest. By using an unique and interesting photo, you are different from the users that upload random photos,