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Alikewise is an online dating website where people are matched up according to their scores on books. Every individual will be able to rate a book they have or already used. If another individual rates the book at the same level or he likes the same genres, you will be a match. Alikewise does not offer any premium memberships. The first sign up is completely free and then there are no more hassles. All you need to do is update your profile regularly and chat with other singles who share the similar interests.

Website Address: Alikewise
Christian Singles Introductions

Christian Singles Introductions is an online introduction service for Christian singles. They allow all individuals over the age of 18 to join them. They believe in helping pure Christians to find similar partners. Christian Singles Introductions charges 12 months for $109.95, 6 Months for $79.95, 3 Months for $49.95 and 1 Month foe $34.97 . They do provide their members with an online system that allows them to browse the different members and finally to meet someone. Christian Singles Introductions also does run a check on members but all individuals are advised to be cautious at all times. Most of their members are single, busy professionals or they have tried other dating website. There are a few testimonials you may read through as well as the benefits and pricing.

Phone number: 757-523-5200
Fax Number: 757-523-5200
Got dates?

Got Dates? is a personalized Matchmaking, Date Coaching and Singles Club. They have packaged single dating needs in one central location. They do not provide an online dating service or match two profiles together. In short they focus on matching two individuals up in person, rather than using a form of software. Their date coaches provide consistent dating tips and advice to their members in order to be successful in the dating scene. Got Dates? does have a Singles club that offers members the opportunity of going to planned singles events in the local area. Their average member ages is between 22 and 55. Most of the members are single professionals. There are no information on the cost of membership.

Website Address: Got Dates?
Phone number: 540-446-4875
Fax Number: 540-446-4875
Heart to Heart Introductions

Heart to Heart Introductions is a professional dating service for busy singles in Alexandria. Most of their members are young professional singles who are too busy to go out and look for someone. Heart to Heart Introductions offers individuals the chance to find that special someone while still worrying about their careers. The costs of membership is not available on the website. If they have found a members, they will give both of you, each other’s contact details and you may contact the other individual when you want. There is no time limits and no limits on the amount of people you may meet. Heart to Heart Introductions also encourages their members to get out and do something fun while on the meeting. They have a local office located at: 2525 Duke St. Alexandria, VA 22304.

Phone number: 703-519-6757
Fax Number: 703-519-6757
It takes 2

It takes 2 is a dating, matchmaking and coaching service. They do not provide any ideas on the cost of membership. Any and all individuals over the age of 18 is allowed to join. It takes 2 will screen and qualify all individuals before they will be allowed to join. It is a personalized matchmaking service. It takes 2 caters to single professionals of all ages. They are completely confidential and they offer one-on-one matchmaking consultations to their clients.

Website Address: It takes 2
Phone number: 804-967-9911
Fax Number: 804-967-9366
Virginia Singles

Virginia Singles is a online dating and matchmaking based in Richmond, VA. They do not provide any information on the cost of members. Virginia Singles will accept any singles from any background as longs as they pass their background check and in a certain quality that their employees will rate you. At first, members will go through an interview, background check and after all of it has been passed, you will be allowed to formally join their service. Some of the groups they deal classify their members are the following: Catholic Singles, Christian Singles, Divorced Singles, Jewish Singles, Over 50 Singles and Professional Singles. Virginia Singles has a local office located at: 6802 Paragon Place, Suite 410, Richmond, VA 23230.

Website Address: Virginia Singles
Phone number: 804-616-3955
Fax Number: 804-616-3955
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