1st Attractive

1st Attractive is an online dating website. They only allow American men to join and they have Russian female members that wants to find the right one. The age restrictions is 18 years and older. To join the service is absolutely free but afterwards, you will be charged at 50 cent per message. 1st Attractive encourage their members to meet and to marry international partners. Their female members are all over eastern europe and they come from places such as Ukraine, Russia and Serbia to name a few. 1st Attractive maintains the right to collect any user information and supply it to the authorities in the event of any criminal issues.

Website Address: 1st Attractive
Phone number: 312-252-0005
Fax Number: 312-252-0005
Illinois Flirt

Illinois Flirt is an online dating website. They deal with all types of singles. Membership is only allowed if you are 18 years and older. A basic membership is absolutely free but if you would like to chat to other members, you need to upgrade your membership. The cost of membership is $27.99 for one month or 3 months membership for only $39.99. Illinois Flirt does not run any background checks on their members and they will not take any responsibility for information leaked out or users harassing you.

Website Address: Illinois Flirt
Phone number: 954-944-9054
Fax Number: 954-944-9054
Selective Search

Selective Search is a dating site for commitment-minded men and women in metropolitan areas. Their goal is for locals to find the love of their lives. They do a search to find the right person that match your profile. The site has a free joining page. Selective Search offers two ways how someone can become a member: the based Client program and the Affiliate program that are for men and women. No one under the age of 18 are allowed to join the dating site. These membership options do require you to pay some fees. Before anyone can become a member, they will be subjected to a background check and a person interview by a matchmaker.

Website Address: Selective Search
Phone number: 312 396 1200
Fax Number: 312 609 5105
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US-Dating Solutions

US-Dating Solutions is a local matchmaker and dating service for all singles. Most of their members are between 18 and 24 years old. They offer a personalized service for each member so that they get involved in the process instead of letting someone take it over completely. US-Dating Solutions offers a full-time and a part-time membership option but they do not provide the costs on their website. This company is also known in Rockford for the events they hold for single individuals. As a member you will be subjected to a confidential interview in order to find out what individual will be the best suited.

Website Address: US-Dating Solutions
Phone number: 815-621-3786
Fax Number: 815-621-3786