Online Dating Email Tips

Sending an online dating email might seem like no problem at all and it is very easy but you need to get it right the first time. Remember that any individual will be turned on or off, depending on the mail you sent them. You need to make a great impression with the first email, otherwise you have lost your chance. Get the basics of online dating etiquette in order before you attempt to make contact. You might save yourself from a little embarrassment and possibly find a date without too much effort.

Any online dating email is just like any other email you send out and people do read them. The first introduction might be a bit different but you need to pay attention so that you don’t put anyone off.

Writing a better online dating email.

  • Your profile is just as important as the email. If the email is nice and your profile is not, the recipient might get thrown off. Learn how to improve your online dating profile and look at some online dating username examples in order to create an interesting profile.
  • Sending long emails might not help if your profile is a mess.
  • Make sure you write an unique and interesting message because you are competing against others out there.
  • You could try writing a short email with at least one paragraph that is straight to the point.

What should you include in your online dating email?

  1. Insert something that will prove that you had a look at your recipient’s profile.
  2. Mention at least one or two things you have in common.
  3. Put something unique in the subject line that will catch the user’s attention.
  4. Ask a question in your first email but make it a common interest or something the person might enjoy talking about. Look at their profile beforehand so you don’t send the wrong impression.
  5. Share simple stories or experiences that require little or no analysis or deep thinking.
  6. Be as clear as you possibly can make sure your message will be attractive so that you can get that “yes” from them.
  7. Put a little emphasis on something both of you like in order to attract this person.
  8. Be a little provocative because you really don’t need to share everything at once.