When you meet a new potential partner online or i person, safety precautions are, understandably, not the first ting on your mind. We’re not here to give you a huge lecture, but we are going to remind you that putting too much out there can put you at risk – especially when it comes to… Read More

What is a catfish? A catfish is someone who is someone who is impersonating another by using social media and other ways to create false identities. They use these identities to pursue deceptive and destructive online relationships. All of us generally make jokes about serial killers or just about anything but the risk of running… Read More

Most of the online dating users just carry on with the individual they’re chatting to, without considering their safety. The following online dating safety tips will help you to avoid any dangerous situations. So what are the general online dating safety tips? Verify his or her online presence: Use a search engine to verify his… Read More