Online Dating Safety Tips

Most of the online dating users just carry on with the individual they’re chatting to, without considering their safety. The following online dating safety tips will help you to avoid any dangerous situations.

So what are the general online dating safety tips?

Verify his or her online presence:

Use a search engine to verify his or her identity. You can also find out if the person has more than one online dating profile. Search the email address and you will be surprised how much information you get.

Let others know where you will be:

Let your date know that you have told someone where you will be. You can also give your date’s phone number to a friend. There is nothing wrong with being being blunt and telling your date that you have taken precautions. If you cannot just outright say it, slip it into a conversation. Use an excuse such as a family emergency or something.

Trust your instincts:

Trust your gut feeling. Your intuition should always override and and all check lists. When someone tries to intimidate or embarrass you into a decision, it should be a flare going off. These decisions will most likely be something you are not prepared to make. If you request a meeting at a public place and your date refuses, just bail. There is clearly something going on.

Let your friend also check out the person:

Send your date’s contact information and any other information to at least two of your friends. You can even ask your friends to provide you with some feedback. It’s always nice to get a second opinion.

Verify his or her employment:

If your date claims he or she is employed, attempt to verify it. You can look on Google Maps and phone them on the number provided. It will put your mind at ease by confirming their honesty. It would be best to verify any information your receive. If you cannot get an address or phone number, your date may be a lier or a scam artist.