Columbus Singles

Columbus Singles is an exclusive dating service. All of their members must meet a preset criteria but you will only know if you are a member after all the hoops you have to jump through. Columbus Singles subject their members to background checks and they verify the information themselves as well by meeting you in person. At first you will need to fill out an online profile and afterwards you will be contacted to answer any of your questions. A meeting will be setup. After these steps, your information will be verified and the background check will take place. Columbus Singles will also arrange a photo shoot and help you to record a video for profile. The cost of membership is not made public and the age groups too Columbus Singles do also offer a wide arrange of singles events such as ski trips, camping and so forth. They have a local office located at: 8425 Pulsar Place, Suite 110 Columbus, OH 43240.

Website Address: Columbus Singles
Phone number: 614-431-8500
Fax Number: 614-431-8500
Divorce 2 Dating

Divorce 2 Dating is a dating service in Cleveland. They deal with divorced and separated individuals. Divorce 2 Dating offers more than just dating but a wealth of information, support and networking resources in order to help these families. They welcome all members, no matter what religion, race or sexual preference. Divorce 2 Dating also has a support group with individuals who went through the same circumstances. Their aim is to help their members to find love again and to deal with all of the problems still present after the divorce or separation. A membership is $7.95 per month and it includes a lot of benefits.

Website Address: Divorce 2 Dating
Phone number: 440-669-7696
Fax Number: 440-669-7696
Progressive Daters

Progressive Daters is a speed dating service. They have groups for all ages from 18 till 50. The cost per event is $35. Each event has about 30 members of male and females respectively. In one night, you will have a 3 minute chance to meet someone before the next person arrives. You are responsible for your own food and drink. Special events will provide members with soft drinks and large appetizers. After each introduction, you will select whether or not you would like to see the person again. Progressive Daters will only share your email address with the individual if you have a match.

Website Address: Progressive Daters
Tye LaVore

Tye LaVore is an exclusive dating network for all types of singles. They have two mainstream services that differ from each other but they are aimed at providing their members with a safe dating experience. Tye Lavore is an organization that aims to establish serious relationships instead of of a casual or working relationships that most online dating website encourage. The Tye LaVore Club (TLC) is a members only offer and it offers and exclusive dating network, singles events, workshops / seminars, personalized matchmaking and a lot of partner privileges. The Matchmaking package is for all members of the public and it contains personalized matchmaking, image reconstruction, self discovery, confidence restoration and effective dating. There are currently no costs supplied on their website.

Website Address: Tye LaVore
Phone number: 513-608-0747
Fax Number: 513-608-0747