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Golden Diamond

Golden Diamond is a premiere speed dating in Fayetteville. Their speed dating is different than the major companies in the business. Golden Diamond offers their members an event with up to 50 people for up to 2 hours. They do not provide the costs of these events. Golden Diamond will not give out any information to other members unless you want them to. They typically deal with all singles over the age of 18. Each event is completely private and they will not allow anyone inside unless they have enlisted. Golden Diamond is also not against homosexually due to the fact that they cater to them as well. They have a local office located at: 1916 Skibo Rd. Suite 201, Fayetteville, NC 28314.

Website Address: Golden Diamond
Phone number: 910-426-2009
Fax Number: 910-426-2009
North Carolina Flirt

Online dating North Carolina, USA
If you are from the beautiful state of North Carolina, whether from Raleigh, Chapel Hill or the mountainous south, and you are looking to meet someone for some hot online flirting fun, then welcome to, the best site for online dating and personals in the state of North Carolina. Some of our flirts are strictly into online adventure, others are looking to meet other flirts from their general area. Whatever it is that you seek, has someone online right now who can satisfy your desires. You may be into casual fun or seeking more long-term flirting fun. We have all kinds.

A good place to start is by browsing our North Carolina flirt personals and pictures. You may be inspired to leave your own, and in no time you will have plenty of flirts to choose from. Take things at your own pace. That is the beauty of online dating. And, by meeting people online you are far more likely to meet someone you click with than if you leave the encounter to chance. Our services are free so you can only win by visiting us. Join us today and discover where the online adventure is taking place in North Carolina.

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Raleigh Ignite

Raleigh Ignite is a personal and discreet matchmaking service. Male members would have to pass a qualification test st up by the management of Raleigh Ignite> Female members do not sem to pay for their memberships but male members do. Raleigh Ignite does offer a few events and their matcmakig service only covers an area of roughly 20 miles outside of Raleigh. In addition to the qualification test, male members are screened as well. The screening process is only a thorough interview but they do not run any form of background checks on their members. No information is provided on the cost of their membership.

Website Address: Raleigh Ignite