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Affinity Singles

Affinity Singles is a dating website that focuses on offline dating. Their website seems to only process the attendees or “members.” Affinity singles focus on organizing events such as dance parties, music concerts and other events in order to get a whole lots of people together. Members need to fend for themselves at an event because there are not concierge services and other benefits. Their aim is to teach even the shyest members that love is out there but you have to find it. Affinity singles do not provide any prices on their website but they do encourage anyone to contact them for information.

Website Address: Affinity Singles
Phone number: 973-872-5266
Fax Number: 973-872-5266
Description: is an online dating websites for women looking for British males.All of their members are 18 years or older and they cater to singles of all backgrounds. They do offer some specialized services or features. All of the members must follow the rules as stipulated in the terms of service. access because they fund their dating service with ads. Please take note that you will not be refunded and the membership will stay active until the period is over. makes the following clear in their privacy policy, you must accept that they are allowed but not obligated to post your atricles, photos or any other form of media, on other sites.

Website Address:
Phone number: 917-210-3283
Fax Number: 917-210-3283

Mesh is an online dating and matchmaking service that was created for singles of all types and background. It is completely free to join and use. Any users over the age of 18 is welcome to join. Mesh has a wide arrange of profile settings that will determine what individuals you get matched up with. The program will select a match from the most similar items or your profile page. Mesh claims that their profile pages are very in depth and private. So nobody other than you or Mesh employees will be able to see the details.

Website Address: Mesh