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DateSwitch is a speed dating website that brings singles together with various events. They offer their members a night where they will meet between 10 and 12 other singles in 6 minute increments each. A normal speed dating event would be after a small mixer, that will be held to get everyone relaxed and so forth. DateSwitch encourages their members to wait until after the event to select their matches rather than to give out their contact information on the night of the event. The registration is free but each event you apply for, will have a cost. SDateSwitch does only accept credit card payments. Most of the events cost $45 to attend.

Website Address: DateSwitch

InterActions is an online matchmaking that is dealing exclusively with the Las Vegas area. It is a membership organization for singles who are motivated to find someone special. InterActions offers its members personalized introductions to other members which is based on their compatibility and personal preferences. They allow any new potential members to apply but they do run a background check first. This is to protect their other clients and themselves. Members only need to visit their office one in order for them to know what partner to get. They do not provide any information on the current membership fees.

Website Address: InterActions
Phone number: 702-262-9600
Fax Number: 702-262-9600
International Mingle

International Mingle is a personalized matchmaking and online dating service. They specialize in setting up meetings and matching singles together who are very compatible. The service is completely discreet and private. Any and all singles are allowed to apply for a membership. The membership options are not explained on the website. There is a costs of $20.99 but it is only applicable when they have found a match. International Mingle will run a background check on any new members that enlists, as well as a personal interview in order to verify the individual. They do not leak any of your personal information.

Website Address: International Mingle
Phone number: 877-753–1020
Fax Number: 877-753–1020
Description: is an online dating website that was created exclusively for military personnel. The site is intented to be used as online chat and dating platform for military personnel over the age of 18. The subscription costs are not made public until you have joined but to join is absolutely free. offers the subscription service in order to fund its website by its own members. All of the information that is entered by the user will not be available to the public. prides itself on being a favorite in the US.

Website Address:
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