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Datematchup.net is a free online dating website for any and all singles over the age of 18. They do not have any restrictions against gay, bi or lesbian users. Datematchup.net does have more features tan the average dating website because they offer a variety of chatrooms and groups that attract a huge number of different people. Their website offers a matchmaking service that collects profiles with similar interests or information and shows it to you. It offers a very easy way to socialize with other users via ecards, games, emails and so forth.

Website Address: Datematchup.net

JMiami is an online dating service. They employ local Jewish matchmakers, with the help of Advanced Computer Algorithms. JMiami assists Jewish singles of all background to find love and meaningful relationships. They pair you with a professional matchmaker who will interview you and find a partner based on the outcome of your interview.

Website Address: JMiami
Phone number: 305-981-6392
Fax Number: 305-981-6392
Spiritual Singles

Spiritual Singles is an online dating website for singles who are spiritual and looking for a similar partner. The basic membership is absolutely free. Afterwards,if you would like to contact members yourself then you need to upgrade your membership. Spiritual Singles offers two upgraded memberships ranging from $7.97 a month to $16.97 a month. The upgraded memberships will features a new set of options that will allow you to become more personal with the people you meet. The age restriction is 18 years and everyone is welcome to join. They do offer some events as well.

Website Address: Spiritual Singles
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