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Christian Dating

Christian Dating is a free online dating site for Christian singles. The site is completely free but it features a lot of advertisements. They do offer a premium membership option for $4.95 a month but it only removes the advertisements from your profile. The website is very strict on profanity, nudity and any other form of indecency. Members must be 18 years or older. They allow all of their members to lodge complaints about any immoral content.

Website Address: Christian Dating
Description: is a free online dating site that caters to single men and women. Memberships are completely free and the offer a wide arrangement of services that are free as well. You control your account’s privacy at all times. They also offer a lot of dating advice and ideas which is also free. They do offer a service from one of their partners that allows you to stay anonymous whilst using your cellphone.

Website Address: HimHerDating

Loverstruck is a dating site that wants to put romance back in to the dating landscape. This dating site is for single men and women in Birmingham. The website is for people who wants to fall in love but may be too busy or working long hours to find that special partner. Membership is for persons over 18. They have a feature that allows you to browse through a Little Black Book where you can find the love of your live. At Loverstruck you can register for free and start dating immediately.

Website Address: Loverstruck

PerfectMatch is a dating site for single men and women. The site helps you to find your perfect match in your area. They find singles that are not only similar to you but compliment you. They have a few dating categories which you can search to find your type of partner. All types of dating is supported. PerfectMatch is free.

Website Address: PerfectMatch
Phone number: 1 408 702 1033
Fax Number: 1 408 702 1033
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