Probably because people feel there wasn’t enough cybercrime in the world – the ever-inventive criminals using computers to separate people from their money seem to have developed a brand new heinous tactics: creating fake profiles on online dating sites to rob people and leave them with a broken heart. Taking a fake photo and creating… Read More

Online dating facts and statistics

All of us probably went through the same problem when you wanted to create online dating usernames. The question that bothers you are probably the following: What difference would it make? How do I make it unique? How can I get people to be interested? Don’t worry about that anymore because here is a small… Read More

Online Dating Safety Tips

You can take a number of steps to protect yourself when you pursue love online. Experts offer these tips: Stick with reputable sites. Read reviews and check with friends. Thoroughly check out a site before posting a profile. It’s a good idea to read the security tips that some sites offer. Protect your personal information. Identity thieves… Read More