Have a look at some of our online dating tips if you would like to meet someone and you made the decision to go online. Using an online dating site is a good move if you are proactive and forward-thinking. Be careful not to be suckered into bad habits that will most likely ruin your… Read More

Online Dating Scams

How many times have people been the victims of online dating scams? Ever since online dating took off. Some people have lost thousands of dollars or worse. All of us are susceptible to this threat. Most of the time, this person might seem to be the one for you. You get trapped without even knowing… Read More

Online Dating Etiquette

As with any form of dating or socializing, online dating etiquette is very important. Nowadays, the standard of honesty has dropped significantly. This is not all of the problems we face onlne. Due to these “faceless”  communication methods, we struggle in reality. We only use personal communication when we have to. It does not mean… Read More