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CT Singles is focused on matchmaking in Connecticut. So that you don’t waste your time trying to connect with singles halfway across the country. They keep their searches limited to their backyard because staying local gives you a much greater chance of spending real quality time with a potential lover. Spending time face-to-face is important to building a long-term relationship.

Profile misrepresentation is a huge problem in online dating. Studies have shown the majority lie about their height, weight or age in their profiles. They may turn out to be married or even criminals. Their screening process and in-person interviews help to prevent that misrepresentation, and to give you more security while safeguarding your time.

Only a small percentage of online dating interactions ever end up with an in-person meeting. While the internet has created a new tool for potential romance. They believes that lasting relationships occur via traditional courtship and face-to-face meeting. Integrating modern convenience with the personal touch of experienced matchmakers. CT Singles is there to help you find that special someone.

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