Agape Match

Agape Match is an online dating site for singles looking to take a different approach in their dating lives. This services is suited for people who are too busy or do not know how to meet other singles. They have members between they ages of 25 to 65. Most members are college educated and working professionals. They provide a date coaching service for their members where they will guide you in an efficient and effective way to find your perfect match. Members will receive a photo and brief description of their potential partner. The website does not have a feature that will allow you to browse through members' profiles. They offer a free membership if you are willing to wait for your ideal match, or you can purchase a beginners package for $8000. They also offer a gay and lesbian matchmaking service. Agape Match is part of the Matchmakers Alliance. If you meet someone on this website or on your own, they will be able to freeze your account for up to 1 year. Multiple events are organised by the company which provide members with tips and training in the dating scene. Agape Match wants to provide its members with a successful dating experience whilst protecting their privacy, safety and respecting their preferences.

Their main office is located at: Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Ave, 59th Floor, New York, NY 10118.

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